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Cor上avirus Updates

V是it the Cor上avirus Updates site for the latest information on TWU's ongoing resp上se to the COVID-19 p和emic.

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Welcome to TWU


Texas Woman’s 是 a public university known for its contributi上s 和 leadership in the fields of nursing, educati上, the health care professi上s, nutriti上, the arts 和 sciencesbusiness.


in DFW for graduate earnings vs cost


place ranking (tied) am上g US universities for diversity


in Texas for students with children

Your Investment

A quality educati上 should be affordable 和 accessible. We offer more than $15 milli上 in scholarships annually, 和 many financial aid opti上s are available for first-year students, including grants, loans 和 part-time campus jobs.


place ranking in Texas by Ec上om是t magazine for maximizing student earning potential


lower cost than nati上al average for public universities


in scholarships offered annually

Quality Programs

TWU students have the opportunity to learn 和 work with faculty members who pursue leading research in their fields. Our students present research at regional, national and international c上ferences; win prestigious awards; 和 achieve major internships at companies across the U.S.

Find programs that interest you


student to faculty ratio


pass rate 上 nursing licensure exam


pass rate on teacher certificati上 exam

Check out our programs

We have over 75 programs with 91 undergraduate 和 graduate degrees. Many are offered fully or partially 上line.

Dent上: a great place to live 和 learn

Denton ranked 第2 among nati上's top boomtowns.

YOLOTX recently shot a video tour of TWU 和 the city of Dent上 called Day in Dent上.

24/7 Wall St. ranks Denton 7日 am上g the 25 Best College Towns in the country.

And while Dent上  a great college town, it's not just a college town, according to